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Suspension Safety Check

safety-checkAt The Ejack Automotive we off a Free 30 point safety inspection of your Car Suspension and steering components.

The undercarriage is one of the most vital safety areas of any automotive machine and when the Suspension is defective it can not only put undue pressure on other components such as tyres but also increase vibrations in turn reducing the safety of any car

At The Ejack Automotive we offer a FREE 30 point suspension safety check. Once completed we will then submit a quotation on all workshop work required. When having any car service you will know the cost before we begin meaning that you can trust us with your automotive needs. A cars suspension check should be carried out by expert mechanics or technicians to ensure all undercar vital suspension and steering components are running properly. Out of site and out of mind should never be a factor with your cars safety. Our service team will provide you with a written report and a quote valid for 30 days for any necessary repairs to your cars suspension and steering.

The Ejack Automotive point Steering and Suspension Safety Check will give you piece of mind that your car is safe. If any immediate work is required we will notify you with the cost and reason straight away making all of our car servicing procedures transparent. We will also give all of our customers a detailed report of any works carried out. If you are planning a long trip the Suspension of your auto should be checked not only to ensure optimal performance but also to help reduce tyre wear or possible steering loss or control. The last thing you want on any trip is poor handling increasing wear on other components.

The Ejack Automotive difference
  • All our servicing work is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • Fast turnaround with no compromise on quality.
  • We use brand name components and lubricants.
  • Full trained mechanic.
  • All work carried out on site.
  • All brands of cars serviced.

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