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Fixed Price Service

fixed1Our fixed price car services make life easy. You can choose from three different levels of servicing based on your particular need, and you’ll know upfront exactly what you’re going to pay. So, if you don’t need to stick to your car manufacturer’s preferred servicing schedule, or if your car is older, then fixed price servicing could suit you.

Why choose the Ejack Automotive for your next service?

We use only quality parts and lubricants from brands such as Ryco, Champion and Shell, so you can rest assured that your car is getting the right treatment. Best of all, our work is covered by our Australia-wide quality and service guarantee.

We have the following fixed priced car services available, but your local store will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate option for your car.

The Ejack Automotive difference
  • If your car is due for a service or needs any kind of mechanical repair, then call us on 8581 2222 to book a service.
  • More car servicing options.
  • Logbook servicing.
  • Fleet servicing.
  • Registration and inspections.
  • All cars serviced at The Workshop are covered by our unique guarantee.

Other Car Servicing

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Log Book Service
Major Car Service
Car Fleet Servicing
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